What to expect on the day of your newborn photo session

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August 23, 2022

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What will be expected of you on the day of your newborn photo session? 

  1. Arrive relatively on time 
  2. Feed your baby if needed
  3. Love on your baby

That’s it! 


I only schedule one newborn session a day to allow extra time in my schedule if needed.  Expert swaddling, rocking and soothing is included.  The most important thing to me is that you are relaxed and enjoy this very special time!

Flexible timing

I know getting ready with a newborn can be chaos.  No one expects you to look amazing AND be on time a week or two after birthing a human.  Some of you manage it and I am in complete awe of you.  But if things get a little off track I completely understand.  Get the coffee.  Do your makeup after you get here.  Or as I am setting up at your house.  I only schedule one session a day, allowing plenty of extra time in my schedule if needed. 

The most important thing to me is that you are relaxed and enjoy this very special time!

Baby soothing is included!

If baby is fussy at any point during your session, I am happy to swaddle, rock, bounce and soothe them.  My kids are now teenagers.  I have all of the time and patience in the world.  And over the years (14 of them at this point) I have picked up lots of tricks when it comes to calming newborns. 

As a photographer focused exclusively on baby photography, I have also completed extensive newborn safety training.   This includes making sure baby is safe and properly supported as well as understanding how to read cues that indicate baby is uncomfortable, tired, gassy, or hungry and how to best soothe baby in each case.  All of this means you can sit back and just enjoy the moment.   

The morning of your session

If you come to the studio, I will begin the session by welcoming you in and showing you the dresses I have available for you to wear.

If you have booked an in home session, I will arrive at your house, take a quick tour of the areas you have in mind for photos and set up a small newborn posing pillow and blankets for pictures of baby on their own.

Next, I will comfortably swaddle baby and then see what their mood is like.  If baby is sleepy we will begin with curled up sleepy pictures.  If baby is awake I will take the opportunity to get pictures of them with their eyes open.  If baby is looking to be held we will start with family pictures. 

If at any point baby seems hungry we will take a feeding break.  If baby is gassy or tired and in need of some soothing, I will swaddle and rock them.

My posing method

My session flow is intentional but relaxed.  My newborn posing is inspired by how babies are curled up when in the womb and how newborns typically like to be held by parents. 

These are positions that newborns are naturally comfortable in and do not place any strain on their delicate heads and joints.  Over the years I have worked out a session flow that keeps baby relaxed and allows baby to lay and move how they are most comfortable while still capturing a variety of details. 

If your baby happens not to like a particular pose or position we simply move on to something they do like.  Some babies prefer to be on their back or their stomach.  Some prefer to have arms stretched out or by their face.  I love to capture these little details that make your baby unique and will remind you of your first days together.

If all of this makes your heart sing, I would love to talk to you about scheduling a session!

Learn more about my Boston Newborn Photography studio!

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