"I am grateful for every day that I get to be on this earth with the people I love. My two amazing daughters are growing up faster than I am prepared for. Motherhood has been an amazing journey of growth and discovery for me. I want every mother who hires me to leave with pictures of herself and her babies that she loves deeply and will cherish a little more as each year passes.  

My passion for portrait photography was born out of my own frustration with how I looked in pictures. Is there anything worse than a picture where everyone else looks great and you look awkward? Tense? Ten pounds heavier than you feel? If only you had remembered to tilt your chin the way you practiced.  Not done the weird thing with your hand.  Realized your hair was having a crazy moment.

I am not one of those people that is naturally good at posing for pictures. After years of studying posing and photographing women I know what to do and I still tense up when I am being photographed. Which means I never judge my clients or expect them to be professional models.

It is my job to guide you into flattering poses. It is my job to remind you to tilt your chin.  It is my job to set up those moments of beautiful connection. It is my job to make you feel beautiful. All you need to worry about is loving on the people you love most."


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Named one of Boston’s Best Newborn Photographers Since 2016


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xo, Beth

since 2008

beth miga is known for her simple & timeless signature style.

Beth's signature style has attracted public figures and professional athletes, and has been voted Best of Boston.

Featured in the Boston Globe, Boston Voyager, Click Magazine, and more.

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"She will make you feel so comfortable.

Beth took all my stress away and delivered the best portraits!

- Jenna K.