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March 10, 2023

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Thinking of including your dog in your newborn photography session? Your dog is an important member of the family and I am happy help you plan newborn photography with your dog.

Can we bring our dog to the studio?

My most frequently asked question is can we bring our dog to your studio and the answer is yes!

I am a dog lover and I am happy to include your dog in all sessions, including in home and studio newborn sessions.

What will be expected of my dog?

My clients are dog lovers too and I photograph dozens of dogs at my studio each year. When you arrive at the studio I will greet your dog and let them check out the space.

Like with toddlers, I try to keep your dog’s portion of the session short and fun. We will include your dog in pictures with your family and then pictures alone with the baby if their temperamant allows.

My studio offers seated and standing posing options for photos with your dog. We will choose what works best for your dog’s size and energy level.

Bring treats!

Bringing some of your dogs favorite treats can help get their attention for photos as well as reward them after being photographed.

Safety and cleaning

The safety and comfort of both baby and dog are my highest priority. Your baby will never be posed in a way were there is any risk of falling. You or your partner will be close by at all times and we will watch for any signs of distress in your dog.

I thoroughly clean after every session including washing all bedding and taking extra care to disinfect any areas pets have been.

I want to include my dog. Is an in home or studio session best?

Honestly, this really depends on your dog and your setup at home.

My studio is relaxed and quiet. Most dogs do great coming here. You are welcome to bring an extra person to hang out with the dog after they are done being photographed.

However, if your dog tends to be very anxious, is young and high energy or older with mobility issues they might be more comfortable at home.

Being at your home also allows us to capture more natural everyday interactions between your dog and baby. If your dog loves to sit with you while you nurse or sleep by the baby these are moments we can capture as they happen at home.

Newborn Photography with Dog

I hope that this article has been helpful in terms of giving you a better idea what to expect if you are thinking of scheduling a newborn photography session with your dog.

Dogs are important members of the family and I encourage you to include them in your newborn photos!

Additional information about booking a newborn photo session with me can be found here:

Boston Newborn Photography

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  1. I absolutely love to incorporate dogs in family portraits. Absolutely stunning pictures.

  2. Aww, so great to include the whole family including pets! You do such a great job getting the pups to look at the camera!

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