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January 25, 2023

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Baby Photos at Six Months Old

What can you expect when scheduling a baby photos at six months old?

Sitting up, smiling and full of personality!

At this age baby’s personality has really blossomed.  They are smiling and giggling at everything.  They are bright eyed and chubby.  First teeth are starting to come in. 

It is the age of quintessential baby-ness

The Gerber baby days.

More routine

While the newborn days bring sheer joy and sheer exhaustion, this phase is a bit more settled.  There is more routine.  There is more sleep.  You are feeling more like yourself again.

It is truly a joyful time as a parent. You are your baby’s whole world. You know their favorite games and just how to make them laugh.

You also know when they are likely to be at their happiest and when they are likely to be tired, making scheduling a successful session that much easier.

Why is this age ideal?

The answer to this question is a combination of what baby can and can’t do at 5-7 months old!

Baby can smile, laugh, react to favorite games + songs, roll over, lift their head up and play with their toes. First teeth are starting to come in. Sitting up typically begins around 6 months, bringing new options in terms of photo poses.

At this age baby is not yet crawling or walking which makes it much easier to keep them in one place for photos. Fear of strangers (“stranger danger”) typically does not begin until around 8-10 months.

Baby Photos at Six Months Old

So in summary, six months is an ideal age for baby photos because your baby is napping a predictable times, doing

lots of cute baby things and not yet able to run away from the camera!

If you are interested in scheduling a six month baby photo session you can learn more about baby photography at my Boston studio here

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  1. Samantha says:

    Beth, I always adore your clean, timeless studio work. Beautiful photos here!

  2. Sitter sessions are my absolute favorites. Their little personalities are just priceless. Love your work!!!!

  3. Jasmyn says:

    I love this age so much! Their tiny but big personalities just shine! Gorgeous captures, Beth!

  4. I adore this stage/age for baby sessions! They are so underrated and yet once baby turns one that baby phase is gone so quickly! Mamas will otherwise miss out on all those adorable chunky baby rolls!! Love, love all of this!

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